September 04, 2008

Political trends for this fall: xenophobic looks are in

With fall approaching, our European politicians are displaying their new looks for the season. These days the fashion trender is the Spanish government, stealing the spotlight from Russia's Putin. In the last few days the minister of labor (yes, we have a minister of labor in Spain, just as we have a minister of housing) has made two fashion statements.

First, he wants jobless foreigners to go elsewhere. He is even willing to pay them Spanish taxpayers' money if they go away.

Second, he wants to reduce the already meager number of permits to hire new foreign workers to zero. His body language and intonation denote that he is serious when he decrees that "outside" is not a place to look for workers. Here you can see him repeatedly sputtering the word "fuera" (outside).

No matter that both policies are silly. Fashion is not about intelligence.

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