March 11, 2008

Socialism, environmentalism, bioethics, and real life

I love submerging myself into the fantastic world of Kafka's novels. Part of the wonderful experience of reading Kafka stems from the fact that I am fortunate to live in a world more dynamic and much more fun than the world Kafka's characters have to live in. The contrast between fantasy, including dystopian fantasy, and reality is the essence of fantasy's appeal.

Fantastic morality is also immensely appealing. Throughout the ages people have enjoyed expressing, maybe even believing, moral discourses bearing little relationship to their everyday behavior. And, as people tend to be more rational in their actions than in their talk or in their thoughts, we are fortunate that morals have largely remained in the realm of fantasy.

It seems to me that human living standards have improved faster than our moral discourse. In this sense, the contrast between our well-being and our fantastic ideology has never been greater than at present. The "consensus" moral of our time is a potpourri of socialist, environmentalist and puritanical ideas that stand in stark contrast to almost everything that makes our lives enjoyable.

The most competent and long-accomplished professionals in the matter - the Catholic Church - are actively contributing to the homogenization of moral thought and the anaesthetization of the mind. Bishop Giancarlo Girotti, a spokesman for the Church, said last weekend that ecological harms, genetic manipulation, drug trafficking, and the widening differences between the rich and the poor are sins.

And now let's go back to reality and enjoy life.

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