January 28, 2008

Ecology and Society

A distant cousin of mine is spending a few days at my place. Although last Saturday was the first time he has ever been outside North Korea, where he works as a mid-level official of the Workers' Party, he is not surprised by what he is seeing - he finds Spanish life just as abject and unsustainable as he expected it to be.

Yesterday he browsed the Web for the first time in his life, and he now knows what it is like to spend a whole night hooked to the net. He was deeply impressed by the exuberance of the Web and asked me to allow him to express his opinions on my blog. So here are my cousin Yi Kong Cho's first impressions about the World Wide Web (he writes good English, which he learned by reading an English translation of Kim Jong-il's On the Art of Cinema):
On my first time using the Internet I spent a few hours browsing the website of the European Union. It was a very rewarding experience. I especially enjoyed reading the draft of the European Constitution, which was sadly rejected by the voters.

I spent the remaining time - also several hours - reading articles in the online journal Ecology and Society. I found them extremely interesting and entertaining. The papers are rich in fresh ideas and reasonable policy recommendations. I took many notes that I will share with my comrades back home, and I think my government will be very happy to implement many of those policies. Another reason I liked Ecology and Society so much is that the articles are written in a brisk, concise style, which my cousin Marcelino tells me is called Resilience English.

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