November 21, 2007

Collection of resilience science poetry

A new collaborative book beautifully titled Adaptive Co-Management: Collaboration, Learning, and Multi-Level Governance has been published, as reported in Resilience Science. These are the titles of some of its chapters:
Building Resilient Livelihoods through Adaptive Co-Management: The Role of Adaptive Capacity.

Integrating Holism and Segmentalism: Overcoming Barriers to Adaptive Co-Management between Management Agencies and Multi-Sector Bodies.

Communities of Interdependence for Adaptive Co-Management.

Culturing Adaptive Co-Management: Finding “Keys” to Resilience in Asymmetries of Power.
And my favorite:
Adaptive Co-Management and the Gospel of Resilience.
I haven't seen the book, but I just hope the text is printed in color.

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