September 05, 2010

Jeffrey Sachs, happy governance and dressing codes

According to Jeffrey D. Sachs, all the world's economies should embark on a serious journey of inner reflection, a national deliberation, an enduring quest for social well-being, cultural robustness and resiliency, psychological well-being, stability and resiliency, environmental sustainability, and sustainable happiness. As finite and fragile physical beings, we must reject American-style hyper-consumerism, which can destabilize social relations and lead to aggressiveness, loneliness, greed, and over-work to the point of exhaustion. We must resist the onslaught of global communication, advertising and public relations. All of us should enjoy the benefits of economic growth regardless of our income level. We should strive to fill the government coffers and listen to inspiring speeches given by prime ministers.

I congratulate the members of the Bhutanese government for this piece of global advertising and public relations. May I also ask them to stop telling their people how to dress?

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