March 07, 2010

Does resilience thinking have any impact at all on the ground?

Victor Galaz asks this question in Resilience Science and attempts to answer it with "two very interesting examples." Resilience thinking inspired "a climate vulnerability and resilience assessment" of an area in Colombia, and "a reframing* of Colombian biodiversity policy" that is "now being used for systematic country-side consultations."

So the answer is yes. Resilience thinking is having an impact on the rhetoric used "on the ground." Mission accomplished.


* "Results of the suggested modification include, amongst other things: i) a new conceptual framework for biodiversity management, based upon the resilience thinking paradigm applied to socio-ecological systems; ii) a model that accounts for the various stability domains in which natural and social systems appear in the territory; and iii) a revision of the state – pressure – response model, in order to include new drivers of change and to devise a hierarchical cross scale interactions affecting biodiversity." (Sic)

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