March 30, 2009

Climate change and the economic crisis

Jeffrey Sachs:
The scarcity of primary commodities and damage from climate change in recent years contributed to the destabilization of the world economy that gave rise to the current crisis.
He also talks about sustainability (twelve times in a one page article), concerted global efforts, public-sector leadership, and public-private partnerships. The whole article looks like the agenda of any European socialist or conservative party.


  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting it. I don't quite understand though how you can blame the crisis on the climate change. It's not such a huge affecting factor yet. If millions of people started dying because of water shortages then yes that could cause a worldwide havoc. But the catastrophic predictions are just predictions, none of it is really happening and thus can't affect anyone or anything.

    Take care, Elli

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is Sachs who says such thing, not me. I disagree with him.