June 04, 2008

The Civilization Grand Prix

I have just learned that there is a competition of civilizations going on, and that if we don't rise up to the challenge the price will go to the Classical Period Of Greece And Rome - posthumously. Winning the competition should be our most important goal - individual happiness is secondary. We must get the price for the Modern World even if this means living as miserably as the Greek and the Romans did two thousand years ago. Geoffrey P. Glasby has more:
Living Up to Ancient Civilizations

The Classical Period Of Greece And Rome lasted more than a thousand years (from about 750 BCE to about 400 AD). By contrast, the modern world, beginning with Columbus's discovery of America, has lasted just over 500 years.

As a result of overpopulation, overconsumption, global warming, and environmental degradation, it now looks increasingly likely that there will be a major societal collapse within the next 200 years. How ironic that a civilization capable of tracing the origin of the universe from 10-43 seconds after its formation and putting a lander on Titan does not have the rigor and self-discipline to sustain itself for as long as the ancients managed to do.

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