April 20, 2007

Bioethics as a spiritual reserve

Francisco Franco liked to say that Spain was "the spiritual reserve of the West," the last bastion of Christian religious-political values, a country united by a God-sent goal. Bioethics has a similar call. It is the spiritual reserve of Christian-Marxist values.

Ann McLaren acknowledges in Science that "human eggs are in short supply, but much in demand." However, "there is much debate about the ethics" of the idea of women selling their eggs to increase supply. I don't know how much of this debate is due to Christian scruples about bodily things and how much is due to Marxist repulsion to free exchanges between individuals.

In the same issue of Science, and also in the context of bioethics, someone recites this commandment:
Any country that is rich enough to afford neonatal intensive care also has the moral obligation to accept responsibility for the care of impaired children throughout their lives.
Franco notwithstanding, countries have no moral obligations. Only individual humans do - and not as many obligations as bioethicists want us to believe.

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