May 31, 2006

Little Green Men

The Little Green Men feature in the movie Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins. The Unimind psychically connects all the Little Green Men making them feel, think and act as one. Some human races like "the Americans" and "the Europeans" have their own unimind, according to Donald Kennedy, who expresses his political views in the editorials of Science magazine. Let's see a couple of examples.

In the most recent editorial he advocates that the government should withhold drugs from terminally ill patients and from patients in general in order to protect them from themselves and "on behalf of public health." So far so awful, but let's get on. Kennedy quotes with approval the following statement by a US Supreme Court judge: "For the terminally ill, as for anyone else, a drug is unsafe if its potential for inflicting death or physical injury is not offset by the possibility of therapeutic benefit." Because Americans are little green men risks and benefits are the same for them all and a government official (like, say, Donald Kennedy, who was FDA commissioner) can rule what is safe or unsafe for them all. Being little green men makes things so simple.

In a previous editorial he wrote that "Europeans still pay more [for gasoline] than Americans do with few complaints, saving those for the war in Iraq or other serious matters." Kennedy is here arguing that there are two races of little green men each with its own unimind. The European race is worried by serious matters and the American race is worried by the price of gas.

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