March 14, 2006

Good witches know best

Wicca is a pagan religion that claims to revive an old European witch cult. Its morality has two core precepts. The first is "Do whatever you want as long as you don't harm others" ("An it harm none, do what ye will"). The second is the "Rule of Three", which states that your good deeds (also the bad ones, but Wiccans are good witches) will be returned to you threefold. Someone criticised this rule on the basis that it contradicts the laws of physics. But it doesn't. Human interactions are not zero-sum games. People create good when they collaborate. Unlike energy and matter, well-being can grow without limit.


  1. The words "Witch" and "Pagan" scare people as they immediately think of the devil and black arts, and people find the the thought of a witch either highly amusing, scary or a figure of ridicule.

    Paganism/wicca is a way of life as much as it is a religion, if you took the thought of it being a religion away, its a perfect and very idealistic way of life and a very simple one, live and be at one with nature, worship all that is natural, use natural medicines for healing and for general well being.
    People do create their own energy, good and bad. We are all open to the positive and negative energy created by the human mind.
    One of the "Rules of Three", which states that your good deeds (also the bad ones, but Wiccans are good witches) will be returned to you threefold, is so true, the feeling of helping someone gives us our own sense of wellbeing and energy, the same as upsetting someone makes most of us feel sad inside, producing negative energy.
    Its a sad fact that being a pagan/wiccan isn't politicaly correct, as it doesn't fit into most peoples ideas of what is "normal".
    All wiccans aim for, is to be good to others be at one with yourself and nature, don't judge people and accept others for who and what they are. Imagine the energy and good feeling that would be generated if we all followed that belief, even for just a lil while.

  2. Wicca (not Gardnerian Wicca) can be politically correct. It is correct - politically - to reject spiritual authority.

    Wicca in the Anglo-Saxon tradition is anarchistic in its opposition of authority. (There was a long tradition by governing authorities to oppress Wicca, as can be seen in the Laws of Aethelred.)

  3. You are oblivious to other things. What about demons. They use dark Wicca for evil. There is and should be something to fear when these things are mentioned. There are evil witches much into black magic and are highley dangerous as are demons and worlochs. Y ou are not magical, but merely practitioners. and you give nothing but false opinions.

  4. It is the same anonymous, if u were real witches I really dont think you would say so on the internet so that evil could find you. It's pretty stupid. But even with that, you shouldn't have put your names. i put up a trace blocker on my computer and haven't given my name. Now it would be hard but possible still, for them to find me. You dont have to worry though because if you had said anything significant enough you'd already be dead.And Angel, the ending of your entry, that is definatley NOT what magical Wicca is. I know a real magical witch (actually, many) because I am a Demon Hunter. I dont care if you believe me or not, I am just stating fact. Votum Sangunins
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