October 26, 2005

Spain, Kyoto and subsidies

In 2002 greenhouse gas emissions from 15 member states of the European Union were 3% lower than in 1990, and 2% above the Kyoto target for 2008-2012. That same year greenhouse emissions from Spain were 40% higher than in 1990 and 30% above its Kyoto target.

Rising gas prices should restrain gas consumption and thus limit CO2 emissions. But here comes the glorious Spanish government to the rescue. A few days ago it approved subsidies to truckers to compensate them for the high gas prices. It is now negotiating similar subsidies with fishermen, and I wouldn't be surprised if they hand more subsidies to farmers in the coming weeks.

Update. The magnificent government of Spain will pay fishers 0.095 € for every liter of gas they use, a rise of 0.035 € above current subsidies. For their part, fishers promise to use less gas :). Spanish farmers started protests today.

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